Bell tower and cemetery in České Milovy

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 If you are a sensitive soul, romantic and a dreamer, definitely go to see local cemeteries. These places tend to have a unique atmosphere.

Křižánky has several cemeteries. The largest of them is located behind the church in Moravské Křižánky and is divided into Protestant and Catholic sections. In 1963, the first atheist was buried in this holy ground. The director of the town school in Svratky delivered the eulogy. “He streamlined the subject of the eulogy to one sentence, emphasising that the deceased did not believe in the legendary stories about God. Then he highlighted - and rightly so - her dedicated work with children and her care for their education.

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The village of Křižánky boasts the largest village conservation reserve in the Vysočina region. 

 The local ORATORY is one of the

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Educational Center

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Do you like exhibitions and different types of cultural events? Then remember to visit our educational centre.
The Educational Centre is a very important matter for us. The centre was built in the superstructure of an existing convenience shop, which was then in highly critical condition. It was also necessary to solve the issue of a lack of premises that would serve community events.The project was implemented with financial support from EU Structural Funds and the Fund of the Czech Republic within the Joint Regionaoperational programme.

The aim of the project was to support the development of human resources in the region of the village.
The opening ceremony took place in October 2007. The total construction costs soared to around CZK 7.5 million.

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Each of these buildings was an original. Some only had simple shapes; other were richly decorated. They differed in the perfection that was the trademark of the skills of their master builders.


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The difficulty of the ancient division of the village with a single name -
Křižánky to České and Moravské Křižánky - was equally difficult to dividing the local citizens by religion. They were not just Catholics and Protestants, as in other areas. In Křižánky Bohemian Catholics lived alongside Moravian Catholics and in addition to Moravian Evangelical Protestants, Bohemian Evangelical Protestants lived here. We should also keep in mind the followers of the Church of the Brethren.

The breakdown by parish was also quite challenging - Moravian
Catholics were assigned to Herálec Parish, whereas people of the same religion on the Bohemian side were assigned to Svratka. Protestants from Moravia went to Sněžné to take part in a mass while those from Bohemia went to Svratouch.

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