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Teaching children in Křižánky was not always as matter of fact as it might seem to us today.
The regional office in Jihlava ordered the urgent establishment of a school on 16 October 1800. Therefore a commission was set up immediately, which was intended to assess all the circumstances. The result was that for the next ten years, everything remained the same.

It was only on 26 September 1810 that the Moravian Gubernium intervened, so the construction of a new school building began, but with major problems. Burgrave Josef Petrides had to report regularly on the continuation of the construction. When the school was almost finished, a windstorm came on Sunday, 19 June 1814 at about nine o'clock in the morning and blew the roof of the building away. Nevertheless, the school was finally completed a year later and Jan Ehlich became the first teacher.
The building was one storey until 1892, when another floor was added. At that time the school was attended by more than 150 children. The school also contained a ground-floor apartment for the school administrator, consisting of a kitchen and two rooms, along with another small room on the first floor for an assistant teacher. Teaching took place year-round in the morning and in the afternoon.
During World War II the school had three classes and was attended by almost one hundred children. After 1946, a kindergarten was established as part of the school.
In 1985, the school functioned as a two-class school, but due to a lack of pupils both the school and the kindergarten closed the same year. Local children had to start commuting to nearby Svratka.
In 1991 the kindergarten returned to Křižánky and four years later the elementary school also started operation again. However, after so many years when the school had been completely closed, the building was in a truly disastrous state. Due to the high financial cost of the repair it was necessary to renovate the building gradually, in stages.
In the end the required amount was collected, so in 2006 – 2008 it was possible to proceed with the implementation of a long series of repairs and modifications. The building underwent both complete exterior and interior renovation and was gasified. The repair cost more than CZK 8 million.

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