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Educational Center

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Educational Center

Do you like exhibitions and different types of cultural events? Then remember to visit our educational centre.
The Educational Centre is a very important matter for us. The centre was built in the superstructure of an existing convenience shop, which was then in highly critical condition. It was also necessary to solve the issue of a lack of premises that would serve community events.The project was implemented with financial support from EU Structural Funds and the Fund of the Czech Republic within the Joint Regionaoperational programme.

The aim of the project was to support the development of human resources in the region of the village.
The opening ceremony took place in October 2007. The total construction costs soared to around CZK 7.5 million.
The building is, of course equipped with wheelchair access. There are two rooms available to users; these rooms can, if necessary, be connected, or divided by a mobile screen. The integral parts include a tea kitchen, bathroom and a small computer lab with an office for the manager. The building is covered by a Wi-Fi signal for Internet connection.
There are other modern facilities here, such as an interactive whiteboard with a PC,
data projector, laptop, projection screen and voting equipment, which has proven itself well especially with the interesting educational programs for adults that the municipality has organized regularly in collaboration with other institutions.
Thanks to this above-standard equipment, we can offer the rental of the premises of our
Educational Centre to various companies and businesses, which use it for the training and education of their employees.
There are also various craft courses, interesting exhibitions, community
events, meetings for children and adults, discussions and even small dances taking place here. We rent the centre for private purposes, such as family reunions and weddings. Recently,
a small library was set up here that is accessible to citizens at any time the centre is open.
Simultaneously with the construction of the educational centre, the necessary renovation of the grocery and convenience store took place; it is located on the first floor of the building. Maintaining a functional food shop is very important for a community of the size of Křižánky. Local residents do not need to go a long way to do shopping and the tourists who come here appreciate its presence.
In addition, our educational centre provides invaluable services to visitors to Křižánky. It is just the place where they can get all the necessary and important information both about the village and its surroundings and about the marked hiking paths, accommodation possibilities and restaurants.

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