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Each of these buildings was an original. Some only had simple shapes; other were richly decorated. They differed in the perfection that was the trademark of the skills of their master builders.

At first only a plain wooden belfry was built in Křižánky. The bell usually rang three times a day - in the morning (daybreak in summer and about six a.m. in winter); the midday bell then announced it was time for lunch; the third ringing of the bell marked the evening Angelus (after sunset in summer and in winter at about six p.m.). The voice of the bell also accompanied local inhabitants on their final journey from life.
Like all the original simple wooden buildings, he belfry in Křižánky could not resist the ravages of time, which eroded it increasingly. Thus in 1863, local citizens decided to build a new, more solid chapel, which would better withstand the elements.
Nevertheless, the new chapel, which was dedicated to Our Lady Help of Christians, inherited something from its predecessor - the bell, which was cast in 1753 in a now long-defunct glass smelter at Brušovec.
For years people woke and went to bed with the sound of the bell. Only World War II was able to silence its voice. At that time all bells were collected and transported for war purposes. However, the bell from Křižánky was spared a similar fate, as the then pastor Menšík had the bell secretly taken to Herálec, where it was hidden, happily to see the end of the war’s raging.
The bell returned to the chapel in 1946, where local citizen František Dřevíkovský selflessly brought it on his bike so that the lofty sound of the bell could accompany his mother on her final journey.
The chapel dedicated to Our Lady Help of Christians remains in Křižánky. Although it does not ring in the morning, at noon and in the evening any more, the last goodbye through which the mourners say farewell to the deceased is still heard far and wide, thanks to the bell.

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