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Bell tower and cemetery in České Milovy

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Bell tower and cemetery in České Milovy

 If you are a sensitive soul, romantic and a dreamer, definitely go to see local cemeteries. These places tend to have a unique atmosphere.

Křižánky has several cemeteries. The largest of them is located behind the church in Moravské Křižánky and is divided into Protestant and Catholic sections. In 1963, the first atheist was buried in this holy ground. The director of the town school in Svratky delivered the eulogy. “He streamlined the subject of the eulogy to one sentence, emphasising that the deceased did not believe in the legendary stories about God. Then he highlighted - and rightly so - her dedicated work with children and her care for their education. It was the first atheist funeral and eulogy in this cemetery and people left the burial ground completely amazed and quiet," wrote a former chronicler.
A smaller cemetery is located in a part of Křižánky called České Milovy. It was
built on a hill above Milovsky Basin and thus forms one of the landmarks of this village. The low stone wall with a wire fence, a bell tower with a mortuary, graves and of course, trees that stand as faithful guardians of souls of the dead.
In 2008 the Milovy cemetery was in very poor condition. The fence wall had disintegrated, the fence was rusted and the gateway tilted to one side.
The belfry could not fulfill its purpose, as the main thing was missing - the bell. The wooden elements were rotten. Plaster had fallen and the roof suffered from leaks.
Using a helping hand in the form of the program of Rural Support and Regeneration of the Ministry of Regional Development and the Program of Rural Vysočina Renewal, the restoration of the wall and fence was finally completed. The bell tower has been completely refurbished; its walls have been covered with a new, shining facade, the roof has been completely replaced, and the door, window and wooden elements have undergone repairs.
A new bell was installed in the bell tower at Milovy cemetery. It was a gift from ŽĎAS, an engineering company from Žďár nad Sázavou and its sound can be heard throughout the Milovy Basin when it chimes the hour

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